March 31, 2023

Mold remediation includes mold testing, removal, demolition, sanitizing, containment, and mold cleaning, depending on the type and location. While the CDC and various medical organizations generally discourage homeowners from testing for or cleaning mold. There are plenty of companies who specialize in providing these services.

The mold feeds on this material and then spreads quickly throughout that structure or onto other structures nearby. While some types of molds can cause health hazards whereas others can be relatively harmless. They all pose a structural threat and require prompt remediation if the occupants expect to remain safe and healthy. Use Stair step construction Chicago IL for extra ordinary services.

Some forms of mold remediation include:

-Removal:  this is where the existing mold infestation is removed completely. The material which has been contaminated is then disposed of properly, and the area also undergoes sterilization by use of various chemicals or heat.


if the affected area does not require complete removal, we may sanitize it using cleaners containing bleach to remove mold spores, killing them on contact. Sanitized surfaces can still harbor existing molds beneath their surface, but new molds do not usually grow there for about three weeks after the process. We use it in household cleaning as oppose to commercial-scale remediation processes where all mold must be remove completely before sanitation is possible.


Only smaller areas of water damage may need this type of mold removal treatment whereby that staining is not removed. But rather a coating of spackling paste is applied over the affected area to avoid it spreading further.


this type of remediation involves containing any remaining mold from moving through the air from one part of a structure to another or from one property to another. The remediation company also contain the area so that spores cannot escape by either cleaning and removing all porous materials within a five foot radius, or sealing them in an airtight container until we have to permanently dispose off.

For indoor molds found on drywall, carpeting, upholstery etc. Only removal will actually rid them completely since there is no way to sterilize these porous surfaces without damaging them beyond repair.

We should not take mold growth lightly. If you feel that there are mold growths in your home, office or business, be sure to consult a professional for assistance and advice on the matter.

Is mold remediation necessary?

Mold growth is not only hazardous to the health of occupants. But also causes physical damage to structures which can lead to major repair costs. This is why it’s important for anyone who suspects mold growth in their home or business to consult with a professional as soon as possible.

-Mold remediation may be particularly necessary if there are allergies within the household that respond badly when exposed to molds; sinus infections; respiratory difficulties; asthma; flu like symptoms; chronic fatigue etc. These problems become significantly worse over time without treatment. And can even cause long term health issues or death due to inhalation or ingestion of spores.

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