February 1, 2023
Human Hamster

Zorb Ball, or Human Hamster Ball, is a game in which players roll on grass, ground or grassplot in a giant inflatable ball. It’s ideal for use in local parks, play areas, soccer pitches, and Zorbing Ramp. Zorb Ball is also named Inflatable grassplot ball, land ball inflatable human hamster ball, and the giant human hamster ball. Zorb Ball is very popular among adults and kids for recreation and sports. 

This is not the same as a Water Zorb – it’s not feasible to use it in water since it has only one or two open doors on its sides, allowing the user to go in and out at any time they want. In this type of grass, Zorb, it is impossible to “lock” a person inside, meaning there’s no risk for anyone who rides the bike or utilizes it in any other way. 

Zorbing is a unique name for an activity that began at the time in New Zealand. You may have heard of similar activities that are related to it with different names. The name of Globe-Riding and Sphering often refers to it. The Zorb is often referred to as the human hamster ball or a human sphere. 

Advantage of inflatable Zorb Balls

 Zorbing on water, rolling down a slope, being pulled by jet skis. Because Zorbing requires a lot of rolling, selecting the correct Zorbing ball for the type of activity you plan to engage in is crucial. It will also ensure your safety while playing the sport you love most. All of our Zorb Balls are made of heat-sealed, strong vinyl. The heat-sealing process increases the durability and strength. In the end, Zorbing is a fun activity where people have fun and excitement rather than fear.

As a producer of premium Zorb Balls, we can make different kinds of Zorb Balls according to your requirements. Zorb Balls, including clear Zorb Balls, Color Zorb Balls, Color Dot Zorb Balls, Glow Zorb Balls, Nuclear Globes, Soccer Zorb Balls and body Zorbing Balls.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the human-sized Hamster balls referred to?

Zorb Ball or name Human Hamster Ball. It is a game where players roll on grass, ground or grassplot in a giant inflatable ball.

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How do you last in the human ball?

Since it can only be opened by removing it from outside the box, it must be handled under supervision if you require assistance to get out. Because it’s waterproof and airtight, It is advised to remain inside for a maximum of 15 minutes to ensure you don’t use all oxygen.

Is it possible to purchase Zorb balls?

You can purchase Zorbs for the body in sizes medium, small and large that will best suit your body and offer the appropriate level of protection. It is essential to ensure you purchase the correct size Zorb to your size. Typical sizes of Zorbs include 2.1-meter Zorb balls: These are intended for individuals with a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.


Furthermore, purchasing our top-quality yet inexpensive Zorb Balls will mean that it’s easy to have personal Zorb Balls instead of renting each time you’d like to go Zorbing. You can purchase Zorb Balls online and have them delivered to your doorstep. You must select one Zorb Ball that fits your requirements and preferences, and you’ll be in good shape.

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