February 4, 2023

Cats are cute partners; however, they have particular traits that can be confusing. For example, they like to sleep in inner packing containers, sleep on your lap for hours at a time and sometimes bump their head on the wall or you. Each of their unusual behaviours means something, and this article is here to explain a few of them:

  • Most of the cats in the world love head bumping. Bumping their head against you is one way your cat tells you they love you. It is a cat’s manner of expressing its love toward its pet parents. There is nothing wrong if your cat isn’t doing so. There are plenty of different ways your cat can display their passion and love for you. So if you are missing out on head bumps, that’s okay.
  • If you are a cat parent, you have heard a cat making a weird noise. For example, you will listen to your cat making odd chattering sounds once they see birds flying around. They make this sound because they have found potential prey for them, and every so often, it’s because they cannot capture the prey. Some of the alternative noises that cats make are yowling, hacking, and chirping
  • If you find your furry ball chewing things around the house, it is most probably the cat was weaned too early. That is why they have the urge to cling to soft materials. So if you ever notice your cat chewing on things like socks, woolen blankets, and rubber bands, let them be but watch carefully that they don’t ingest too much of it and cause a blockage you’ll need to see the vet to fix.
  • Cats looking to sleep in tight areas are traced lower back to their ancestors. This is because they feel safe and comfortable in such sites. They love it. They love to sleep in hidden places to keep away from the attack of predators. Primarily because of this motive, you can discover your kitty dozing in drawers, bathroom cabinets, little boxes, or closets.
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  • Cats love presenting gifts to their pet parents – not the kind you like, but they still want to put in that effort. They mainly bring in dead birds and mice; many cat experts explain this behavior as a cat’s way of expressing love for their owner. There is no need to scold your little furball for this behavior, nor is there any want to praise. Otherwise, the gifts will begin coming in regularly.
  • Your furry ball pal is an independent animal, and they like spending time alone. You would indeed hear many human beings talking about “me time.” Cats are also big fans of “me time.” Don’t worry if your cat ignores you, and be nearly sure it isn’t because of something you did.

Cats are curious animals, and the probability of making themselves ill by chewing something they shouldn’t is high in a house. So it’s clever usually encouraged to have pet health insurance cover the clinical expenses if anything unfortunate happens. If you are a cat parent, this is only one behaviour to look out for. Knowing these cat behaviors will come in handy for understanding what your cat is trying to tell you.

No matter what, make sure you get pet health insurance because, like people, cats can also experience surprising health issues and can’t communicate these either. Medical treatment can be expensive, so having coverage will constantly pay off in such instances. Now that you understand what the above cat behaviors mean, it will be easy for you to assess the situation and know whether you need to take your cat to the vet. You may now be wondering where you can find the best pet insurance. In that case, there is nothing to worry about, because in the 21st century, with the blessing of technology, everything is just a few keystrokes away, so go on google and look for the best pet insurance.

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