February 4, 2023
Some Best Tips for IELTS Listening Task

Some Best Tips for IELTS Listening Task

Tips for the IELTS Listening Task

The IELTS exam has four modules; Listening task, speaking task, writing and reading task. Each component has its importance to get a reasonable score to pass the exam. In this guide, we will focus on the listening part of the IELTS test and understand how to get better results with some effective IELTS listening tips. We will also learn about the format of the exam and how to properly prepare for your listening exam. Let’s know some best tips for IELTS listening task.

IELTS listening task

Top 9 IELTS listening tips and strategies to improve your IELTS score:

Helpful Tips for IELTS Listening Test

These IELTS listening tips and tricks will definitely help you prepare well for the exam.

Practice With Different Accents

The recordings you will get in the exam may have speakers from different language regions describing the popular English dialect in their region. So be prepared for the different accents from various English-speaking countries. News channels are an essential source for getting to know these accents. The BBC is one, but you should also listen to some local news channels, podcasts or radio stations.

Prepare For Every Type of Question

Basically, there are six tasks or questions in the IELTS listening exam. Be sure to practice each one thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the difficulty level of the questions.

Improve Your Vocabulary

The recordings you will listen to can have all kinds of speakers. Some might have a good vocabulary, and some might be average. So, your task is to improve your vocabulary to make sure you don’t have to dwell on a word and worry about its meaning.

Practice Listening and Writing Responses

You only have half hour to listen to four recordings. This means you won’t have much time to listen to the recordings over and over again. So take a practice test to improve your listening skills and find the answers at home to gauge the level of difficulty.

Differentiate Between Essential and Non-Essential

Among other IELTS listening tips, get in the habit of telling the difference between essential and non-essential. This means that you have to listen to enough recordings and attempt to respond to understand what is vital when listening to a recording and what is not. While giving the exam, it will help to complete the test on time without wasting time writing down non-essential information.

IELTS Listening Tips for Test Day

Now comes the day of the exam, and it is here that all your practice will be implemented. So while you are taking the exam, be sure to follow these IELTS listening tips.

Use Abbreviations

During the exam, you will simultaneously write the answers on a scratch sheet. So don’t use full words and phrases. Use abbreviations and short phrases as long as you can understand them later when forwarding answers. You can also write the type of work that will come here. For example, write N for the noun, V for the verb, etc.


It can be difficult, but you need to focus on listening and responding to the exam. One of the things candidates do is they tend to go back and forth while listening just to hear a phrase again. But it’s counterproductive. Instead, leave it for now and focus on the rest of the game for now. You can get it by reviewing the answers at the end.

Ignore Unknown Words

Even if it’s not one of the ideal IELTS listening tips you’d want to hear, it works. Ignore words whose meaning you don’t know. And if this word had no importance in relation to the context of the questions.

Forward Responses Correctly

You will have 10 minutes to transfer the answer to the final answer sheet. Be sure to transfer them correctly and pay attention to spelling and grammar. Misspelled words will not be scored and you will lose points, even if the answer is correct.

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