February 4, 2023
Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition technology has been in use since the beginning of time. It’s an excellent solution for turning handwritten text, or text images into machine-readable digital formats. The digitization software automates extraction of data and utilized for data collection as well as processing and analysis. Today, the increasing need for digitization has driven huge growth in virtually every sector.

In comparison to the older OCR options, the latest version is far more efficient. Also more effective in recognizing and processing data. The credit must go to machine learning which has augmented its capabilities. Also to convert data into tables and key-value pairs that can processed by machines. Nowadays, OCR is much more than a simple digital character recognition technology. There are many uses, such as the processing of handwritten invoices, documents written in hand such as bank checks, ID cards, forms, etc.

Optical Character Recognition for Supply Chain

In the asset-intensive industry, vital warehouse processes remain paper-based, inefficient and vulnerable. The first step in resolving the issue of a slow goods receipt procedure will be to substitute the paper-based system with a mobile-based application which integrates with back-end ERP systems, such as SAP as well as IBM Maximo.

OCR technology has evolved and advanced over time with the advent of breakthroughs with Artificial Intelligence. This has opened the door for businesses to integrate OCR into mobile solutions to address supply chain bottlenecks that affect three major areas:

  •       Receipt of goods
  •       Loading/transport
  •       Returns of goods

It is when the walls that comprise the warehouse interact with the outside world . there are three key possibilities to utilize OCR:

  •       Goods Receipt
  •       Loading/Transport
  •       Returns

A warehouse operation that includes delivery of goods from suppliers inbound to the warehouse, storage of products inbound and delivery outbound to field workers or customers (for part replacements).

Goods Receipt

OCR ability allows you to scan purchase order numbers serial numbers from the manufacturer delivery notes, bills of lading Customs document, etc. using a mobile device. This means that you do not have to input inputs manually which can take time, and more crucially, it reduces the risk of mistakes. The mobile application will immediately transmit the data into your ERP system.

Loading and Transport –

The process of loading typically involves interfacing with third-party transport services, such as truck drivers, drivers and containers. It is essential to record precise information to ensure control and to monitor deliveries outbound to customers.

Make use of OCR to scan your vehicle’s registration plate and trailer number, as well as the container number, driver’s licenses and more. This will allow you to ensure the right shipment is loaded onto the correct container or vehicle and is reflected in the document for shipment the waybill, manifest or waybill that accompany the vehicle. OCR can provide you with more certainty and integrity in your supply chain outbound to the field worker or customer.

Returns –

The final warehouse step where OCR could have a significant influence is returns. Returns of products can be a nightmare to manage. Industries that rely on assets have a lot of trouble in terms of returns due to its spare part operations. Engineers aren’t aware of which components they’ll require when they draft a work order before they begin repairs. Anything they don’t require to finish a repair will be returned to the warehouse for return, usually without any documentation. This makes it difficult for the warehouse to recognize the items.

Once you have OCR in place , the serial number on the product is scanned and immediately returns with details of the item. Serial numbers are typically utilized for equipment with high value, therefore this is a fantastic method of ensuring the safety of these products.


Increase the effectiveness of your business with OCR software that stands for optical character recognition. Rectify invoices, receipts passports, contracts, and many other documents using our software for optical character recognition. Based on machine learning. The readily available technologies have definitely significantly reduced the cost of creating an OCR with better quality. However, they do not solve the issues that most OCR users want for solutions to.

If you’re looking for an inventory management software that has optical character recognition capability that can integrated into the package management software, then you’re in the right place.


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