March 31, 2023
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Given that wedding season is here, we thought we’d put together a list of some of our favorite wedding cakes types to give you some ideas for your big day. Whether you’re looking for a typical wedding cake design or something a little out of the ordinary, we’ve got you covered.  So, if you haven’t ordered or prepared your cake yet, or if you’re still looking for the perfect finishing touch, look no further! Order an anniversary cake online for your wedding. Continue to learn about some of the gorgeous wedding cakes you may have for your wedding.

Tall – Cakes

Tall cakes with tiers of beauty are ideal for making a statement at any wedding.

This towering cake form is ideal for women who want to create something truly spectacular, and they look fantastic in wedding photographs! Tall wedding cakes are also great for ensuring that everyone receives a slice if your guest list is on the larger side.

Yum! If you’re considering a stacked wedding cake, you have a variety of possibilities.

Although most tall wedding cakes have three or four layers, this doesn’t imply yours can’t have more! The cake tiers are either stacked on top of each other or supported by a tiered cake stand. A tall wedding cake would often have a uniform appearance with the same-colored frosting around each layer in terms of colors and designs. You might go for a large wedding cake with many levels, each distinct color scheme. A wedding cake with bright colors and a lofty height would be perfect!

Painted – Cakes

Hand-painted cakes are time-consuming to make, but they are ideal for personalizing your cake, highlighting the cake decorator’s ability, and adding a piece of art to your wedding table.

Take your wedding cake to the next level with a hand-painted edible paint design if you’re a brilliant artist or know someone who is. To create a summertime theme, hand-paint a lovely flower landscape or pictures of colorful fresh fruit on wedding cakes.

Hand-painted cakes have the advantage of allowing you to create something unique and distinctive that has a special value for you and your spouse. A special image or hand-painted inscription that speaks to you both may add a genuine personal touch to your wedding cake, making it an even more important element of the day. It is, after all, your special day!

The type of edible paint you choose to design your wedding cake is mostly determine by the cake’s aesthetic. You may select from various edible paints, including metallic and chocolate variations, to help you design the ultimate summer wedding cake.


Nothing screams like a collection of vivid and beautiful hydrangeas, peonies, and sunflowers. And nothing says summer like a collection of vibrant and elegant hydrangeas, peonies, and sunflowers.

From bridesmaids carrying bouquets to floral confetti being tossed in the air. To greet the newlyweds after the service, flowers play an important role in most wedding day celebrations.

If you’re having a floral-themed wedding, a floral-themed wedding cake is a no-brainer.

You could also wish to use colors that go with your general theme. While sugar flowers are generally use as the centerpiece for floral cakes. There are a plethora of various flower types and colors to pick from to make your cake unique.

There are also non-edible choices available in the shape of flower sprays. That may be use as a decorative accent in addition to edible wedding cake flowers. Send cakes online or do cake delivery in Mumbai to your friend who is getting married this year. 


Why stop at the cake if your wedding day has a special theme? Your cake should always be a reflection of your select theme. Whether your decor is completely coat in metallics or your location is more art deco-inspire. A truly original and one-of-a-kind cake is sure to be the center of attention at any wedding.

When it comes to a wedding theme. It might be anything as simple as a color scheme or a certain style. It can also be more particular, such as a movie, TV show, sports team, or band that you both enjoy. Themed wedding cakes are a terrific opportunity to show off your personality. While highlighting a shared interest between you and your partner.

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