March 29, 2023
How much money does Paige Spiranac make

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Who is Paige Spiranac?

Paige Renee Spiranac is an American YouTube golf instructor with a following of over 260,000 subscriber’s and145 instructional videos, who was once a professional golfer. Paige Spiranac is now known as an American YouTube golf instructor with 3.2 million Instagram followers and old personal video footage that she has Locked Away in her basement. She has over 3 million subscribers on her channel and has been featured in “Sports Illustrated”.

Early Life

Paige Spiranac was born in a small town, Lake Forest, California. She is the younger of two children. Spiranac’s father, Michael Spiranac, is an accomplished musician who plays in a band called “The Verbs”. Her mother, Karen Spiranac, was a real estate agent before she became a stay-at-home mom to Paige and her older brother Justin. The family moved to Costa Mesa when Paige was twelve years old and she became a student at Orange County School of the Arts.

After graduating from high school in June 2013, Paige enrolled at Fullerton College where she studied marketing and minored in Spanish. While there she was also on the golf team for two years and competed against some of the top collegiate golfers in the country. Spiranac won several tournaments and was named “Best Newcomer” by the school’s yearbook. She also served as the team captain during her senior year and was named “Most Inspirational”.

Paige Spiranac has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Cameron Hanes, since 2015. They have a son named Tripp who was born on January 4, 2018. Paige has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression and has spoken openly about her struggles with bulimia and an eating disorder in the past.


After graduating from Fullerton College in 2015, Paige Spiranac became a professional golfer. She played on the LPGA Tour for one year, until she was hired by Golf Digest to be their lead online video instructor. Shortly after signing with Golf Digest, she quit playing golf professionally and began working full time on her YouTube channel.

Her first major video was released in November 2017 titled “How I Make a $100,000 a Year on YouTube”. The video has over 4 million views and has been shared over 100,000 times. On March 3, 2018 Paige released a video titled “How to Make $100K a Month on YouTube” which has over 6 million views and has been shared over 900,000 times. Paige Spiranac Net Worth is $3 Million.

She has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers including “The New York Times”. She was also the winner of the 2017 Streamy Award, which was given to the best new web series. Paige Spiranac also won a Streamy Award in 2018 for Best Female Web Star. In addition to her role as an online video star, she is a professional golfer and owns her own golf company called “Paige Spiranac Golf”.

Did Paige get married?

Paige is currently single. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend since 2015. Paige Spiranac is married to Cameron Hanes. They were married in 2017 and got divorced in 2018. It was a short marriage of 4 months.

On March 20, 2018, Dyane filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Dyane and Dyke had been together for over two years and were due to have child’s birthday party on April 25th. Instead, they now have to deal with the possibility of Dyaneira being married again. She also requested spousal support and attorney’s fees.

Why did Paige Spiranac retire from golf?

Paige Spiranac retired from professional golf in 2017 after her first year on the LPGA Tour. She played in only one event, and finished tied for 68th. After that, she focused on her YouTube channel full time.

She has been able to make $100,000 a year from her YouTube channel alone. She also makes money from advertising and sponsorships with companies like Nike and Coca-Cola. Her net worth also comes from her sponsorship deals with golf companies like Golfsmith and Titleist.

How much does her golf swing make?

Paige Spiranac is a YouTube star with a huge following. She has over 3 million subscribers on her channel and has been featured in “Sports Illustrated”. She has been featured in “Golf Magazine” and was named one of the top 100 most influential people in the world by “Huffington Post”. Also received a shout-out from President Barack Obama at the White House.

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