March 29, 2023
Been verified

Been verified website helps to get information about a particular place or person. This is one of the most trusted sites by the people. It legally collects the information. This site provides many facilities for its customers. This website provides many search tools that people frequently search. Been verified provide single information for a specific price. This price not is fixed by them for their service. It depends on the information the price will collect by been verified. They will not charge any price for  Been removal verified process. It is people’s interest to get listed on that website.

How did been verified collected information?

Been verified is the website gets legal approval to collect the information from the public. Some important rules for them are keeping the information safe and secure. This been verified collects information from multiple sources and the public records in the United source. This government has approved some websites to collect information about an individual. This has been verified and is at the top of the list for collecting information and providing accurate results. They provide transparent service and keep the collected information safe and secure.

Creating an account in been verified

The user wants to create an account in been verified. Initially, they must sign up with this account. When you click the signup button, it automatically uses your mail id as a login key. It will directly move to the payment page to been verified the account. You have to select the suitable price and month for the login process. Depending on the price, the service pack will get limited access. For every month, you can run 100 reports per month. You must choose the payment method using the cards and PayPal account during the signup process.

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The membership plan for been verified

The public result will not be available for free for the search option. This service is available for monthly fees of $27 per month and provides all types of services. Another option is 17 dollars per month, but this amount you have to pay quarterly for every year. These plans will automatically renew every month. This site will charge recurring membership fees plus applicable tax to the same payment option. You can cancel this membership plan anytime you need. This cancellation can do by calling 1-866-885-6480, or you can send a request email by sending

Customer service

The customer service provided by been verifieds is appreciated by its users. They provide any details regarding the collected information. The customer can contact the support team anytime to ask their queries. Been verifieds customer support to clear the guidelines their customers who are asking the queries. Individuals who feel unsafe using this service can opt out and contact customer care to help with this option. Been verified removal process must be approved by the customer support team. The customer team does not support the queries response; they also act as the marketing person for verification.

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